The Original Whistle

made in UK  Made in UK

$44 USD

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A true representation of the campaign for peace in the Congo. The original whistle shines proudly and will match the words of any brave hearted soul that wears it.
Their Story:
The original whistle is the same style and wash of the whistle that Marcus first gave Sean.  It was just a gift, from one friend to another.  A gift that has since become our symbol of protest.  We tracked down the people who made the whistle, asked them to mail us a few, and began selling 'em out of our pockets.  We put them around people's necks and said - go and speak for peace.   
Just like the original gift, it hangs on a metal ball-chain necklace.  Wear it and be a whistleblower for peace.  
Shipping: Ships immediately from Fairejour