Sneak Peek: Caboclo Spring 2016

We are head over heels (or flats?) for the new styles by our favorite Barcelona-based designer! These ethically made, chrome-free leather babies are coming your way in a couple of weeks. If you want to be notified, make sure you scroll to the bottom of the page and join the mailing list to be the first to know when new pieces hit the site, because we don’t make a whole lot of everything (that’s why they’re so special).

One of our faves: an ultra-easy, ultra-comfy sandal that wears well with dresses, jeans, and can go both trendy and classic.

Sneak peek at the spring sandals by Caboclo

Sneak peek at the spring sandals by Caboclo

Back to School Style for Grown-Ups



It’s hard to get excited about the end of summer when you’re not going back to school. Celebrate the return of fall with a vintage-inspired dress that will give you that classic cool school girl/working lady look with a modern twist.

Pictured Above: ORANGE SCOOTER DRESS, $135.

The Perfect Summer Sandal



It’s nearly the end of summer so it’s about time you found the perfect summer sandal. We’ve been wearing these all season. Perfect with dresses, shorts, skirts, and jeans. Wear them right into fall with neutrals, brights, greys and darks.

Pictured Above: Two Tone Ankle Wrap Sandals, $119.

Summer Dresses You’ve Been Missing

We can’t believe it’s August already. What happened to the past two months? We’re already missing summer and it’s not even over yet. Let’s make the most of the next few weeks. Starting with drinks on the patio every afternoon. Plenty of excuses for a new dress and sandals.

Pictured Above: Mango Sari Dress, $117.

The Perfect Backpack

Fun multicolored backpacks made from authentic Kilims.

Fun multicolored backpacks made from authentic Kilims.

There are many advantages to carrying a backpack instead of a purse: Full range of motion of both arms, more storage capacity, and equal weight distribution on both shoulders. The downside is most of the time, backpacks are more utilitarian looking than fun/stylish.

Enter these fun bags made of kilim rugs that we found in Portland, Oregon. They are the perfect piece to add to a summer of adventure. Take it with you on a hike, on a bike, or on an airplane. It also makes a great diaper bag.

Each piece is unique and handmade. Durable, sensible, and just plain cool.

Shop backpacks >

Slowing Down

Henry and Schatzi

Henry and Schatzi

About two months ago, my life changed drastically. I gave birth to Henry, our first child (well, second, counting our fur baby Schatzi), and suddenly everything was different. My days began to look a lot like the movie Groundhog Day – hoping that each day would be a little easier and smoother than the last.

If there’s one thing that has been a challenge for me, it has been to let go and slow down. When putting Henry down for a nap, I often wish he would stop opening and closing his eyelids in his cute drowsy way and go to sleep already. When feeding him, and he’s taking his sweet time, I sometimes think about all the emails I have to answer once he is fed and in the baby carrier. And then I feel like a bad mother because really, what is more important than getting your child to sleep and eat? Time shouldn’t matter with these things.

Slow down. Two words that we preach on Fairejour but that until recently, I wasn’t practicing myself. We ask our customers to respect two week timelines for handmade dresses, artisan-tooled sandals and leather bags, yet I was having trouble allowing my newborn to take his time growing and sleeping.

I had to take a step back. A few deep breaths, and I realized that the emails will still be there in a few hours, and he will only be this small once.

After all, everything that is worth having takes patience and time.

New Vintage Inspired Dresses

Our favorite dressmaker from Spain has introduced her new summer styles! Our favorite is this racy purple number with a unique halter neck and flirty skirt. All dresses are handmade to order and shipped to you. Perfect for those summer nights of dancing and cocktails. Check out all the other styles here.


Purple Rain Party Dress

Purple Rain Party Dress


Gearing Up for Summer

Hot weather is just around the corner. We’ve got you covered with the two essentials you look for every year: The perfect bikini, and a hearty, stylish pair of sandals. See our picks for the 2015 pool season.

The Zarafa Bikini. Why we love it: The color (burgundy), the details, and the fit. This bathing suit is more than a basic – it’s a must-have.


Zarafa Bikini

Zarafa Bikini

Two Tone Sandals. Why we love them: Versatile. These will go great with jeans, skirts, shorts, or even a bikini. The combination of two neutral colors also makes this a great pair to wear with brights and prints.


Two Tone Sandals

Two Tone Sandals

May Long Weekend Style: Six Essentials

This is a special long weekend – the weather is close to perfect: Not yet scorching, warmer than cool, and perhaps your first chance to break out some of your summer staples. Here are our essentials for a comfy, beautiful long weekend.


May Long Weekend Style: Six Essential Pieces



1. Soft leggings for travel (or just hanging around). Whether you’re spending hours in a train, plane or car, or perhaps even lounging around at home, a soft pair of leggings is the way to go. Jeans are just a little too crisp and leggings keep you looking pulled together. Made in Canada.

2. Light jacket or coverup. It’s not quite summer yet, so you’ll be needing something for the chilly nights. Our favorite jacket is leather, made in Canada, and super soft.

3. Sandals. Yes it’s time to break out those strappy beauties! We love the look of these two-toned sandals that pair easily with neutrals, brights, blacks, denim, and whatever may strike your fancy this season.

4. Tote Bag. This minimalist tote is a versatile piece for this weekend – or any weekend, for that matter. It’s no-fuss shape is great for days when you really can’t think about whether your bag and shoes will match. In this case, they will.

5. Top. The Aura blouse is a lovely transition piece, with its athletic racer back and feminine ruffles. Wear with your soft leggings, or pair with dark denim to elevate.

6. Dress. A day dress in this season’s favorite pastel, lavender. The classic collar and button-down look will last you for seasons to come. Pair with a cardi or leather jacket on cooler nights.