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thoughtfully picked and independent

faire·jour (fer-zhür): to make the day. french origin.

is a way of life. it’s looking past labels, lies, and facades. it’s about independence, authenticity and thoughtfulness, and making good decisions even when they’re hard. it’s knowing who signs your paycheck, and where your money is going. it’s saying no to things that are clearly wrong, while knowing that sometimes, the lines are blurry. it’s reading, writing, and supporting things that matter (to you). it’s remembering what it’s like to be a child and to have an imagination. while others choose the easy way out, it’s taking the winding path, if not only to see the spoils of nature that exist only in those dark places. there are others like you, like us. and this is how we live.

brown caboclo booties

we care about where things are made, and more importantly, who makes them. all fairejour products are designed and created with thoughtfulness and love for the environment, people, and you. we will never carry items that were made in a faulty factory, or created by the hands of a cruel-hearted individual (even if they are an evil genius). and if you so happen to find that we are ever not living up to this promise, we encourage you to speak out and let us know.


fairejour was created by lianna shen and alex kirmse, a canadian + a german, respectively, living in the united states. they met in las vegas, working in the traditional online retail space (zappos.com) and decided to cast their fears aside and live the fairejour life.

they love to travel (who doesn’t?), ride bicycles and use city transit systems in order to discover the people, products and stories they celebrate on fairejour.

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